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Zen/Marxism Synthesis

Buddhism and Christianity

"Have You Considered Conversion to Islam?"

Zen Marxism

What is "Zen Marxism"?

Understanding World and Self

What Is and What Is Not

The Zen Marxism Proposal

The Cause and End of Suffering

Reflection and Society

Materialist Theory and Spiritual Practice

Is Compassion the Nature of Reality?

Faith as Trust


Science, Spirituality and Socialism


Inner and Outer

Christian Karma?

Consciousness as Emergent Interaction

Consciousness as Emergent Interaction II

Wrong Actions

Motivation and Meditation

Body and Soul?

Practice and Experience

Buddhism and Christianity II

"Great Wisdom From Birth"


Is Buddhism a Religion or a Philosophy?

Practice of Consciousness

Not Stages But Levels?

Strengths and Weaknesses

What Is The Problem?

The Buddha Dharma In A Perceptual Universe


Time Travel

Space and Time

The Logic of Time Travel: Part One

The Logic of Time Travel: Part Two

Time Travel and Poul Anderson

Yossi, the Time Traveller

Whatever Happened to the Time Traveller?

Time and Eternity

The Time Travel Archives

Circular Causality I


Christian Origins

Evidence for the Resurrection

Jesus, Christianity and Other Religions

Jesus' Teaching

A Brief Summary about Resurrection

Literal, Mythological or Visionary Christianity?

How Many Founders of Christianity?

Universalism and Individuality

A Realisation, Not A Revelation, About Resurrection

The Spirit of Truth

Non-Christian Lutheranism?

Faith and Tradition

What Does the Pope Know...?

Early Christian Psychology



CS Lewis

CS Lewis: Fictitious Correspondence

CS Lewis: Cosmic Journeys

Cosmic Journeys II

Philosophical Disagreements with C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis' World View

CSL: WWII and After

The Ransom Trilogy

Cosmic Journeys III

Planetary Environments

Forms of Things Unknown



Being and Consciousness

Change and Resistance

Minds and Brains


Dead Men

Zen Pagan Sutras


Causes and Reasons

Spiritualism and Astrology

I and I

Religions and Science

English Religion and British Science

Where Do We Come From...?


After Judgement


An Extended Metaphor


Science Fiction

American Future Histories

Isaac Asimov's Future History

Larry Niven's Future Histories

Strengths and Weaknesses of Isaac Asimov

Strengths and Weaknesses of Larry Niven

A Reply to the Authors of the Left Behind Series

Religion in Future Histories

An Unexpected Future History


SF Themes

Future History Chronologies

Brief Comments on Dune


A SPECTRE is haunting Europa

Influences on SPECTRE

Haven't Future Histories Come a Long Way?

Future History Foundations


Poul Anderson Appreciation

Poul Anderson's Time Patrol Series

Poul Anderson's Future Histories

Anderson’s Technic History

The Structure of a Series: Poul Anderson

The Technic History and Potential Histories

Aliens in Anderson and Niven

Is "Memory" Part of the Technic History?

Past and Future Histories

Anderson's Flandry Series

The Earthbook of Stormgate

League and After, Empire and After


Ansa and Avalon

More Than Just Three Series

The Long Night

The Structure of an Earlier Series

Comparing Anderson

The Line Around A Future History

Who Were And Will Be The Nine?

The Time Patrol Timeline

Comments on the Time Patrol Timeline

The History of Ys

Social and Political Stories In a Future History

A Perfect Haiku

Organic and Post-Organic

Three Integrated Series

Near and Past Futures

Fair Winds Forever

Interstellar Wealth

The History of Ythrians

The Terran Emperors

Who Knows of Avalon?

A Missing Ancient Race

Unusual Heavenly Bodies

Living in the Galaxy

The Imperial Gardener by Sean M. Brooks

"A Wilderness of Stars"

Children of Empire


How To Package The Technic History


Inconsistences II

Introductions and Developments

Life on Aeneas

Relationships Between Future Histories

Something Is Rotten In Technic Culture?

Talwin, Tachwyr and Telepathy

Technic History Novels

The Commonalty

Understated Symbolism

Issues in Mirkheim


Circularity in The Corridors of Time


Robert Heinlein

The Structure of a Series: Robert Heinlein

Heinlein's Future History and Social Change

Heinlein's Future History and Social Change II

A Pivotal Story

Or an Independent Story?

Some Details in Stapledon and Heinlein

The Best SF Series



Comics and Science Fiction

Getting Superman Right

Getting the Justice League Right

Politics and Dream

Politics, Immortality and Dream

Marvels and Miracles

More on Moore's MM

The Moralities of Ozymandias in Watchmen and the Atreides in Dune


Superheroes II

Superheroes III

Superheroes IV

The Structures of Two Series: Sandman and Lucifer

Graphic Intertextuality


Fleming and His Successors

The Structure of a Series: Ian Fleming

Bond, UNCLE and The Prisoner

007, No 6 and V


Thrillers: Brief Remarks

Buchan, Le Carre and Grisham

A Newspaper and a Novel



Sacrifice and Resurrection in Faith and Fiction

Narrative, Drama and Sequential Art


To and From Hell

Fictitious Sequels to the Bible

Literary Demons

Revising the Origin Story


Conan Doyle

The Structure of a Series: Conan Doyle

The Structure of a Series: Conan Doyle II

The Structure of a Series: Holmes Omnibuses


Reflections on a Career

To and Through a Career

A Career and Beyond





The Spider and I are One


What I Learned From Tony Cliff

To the Convenor of Lune Pagans Moot

Christian Civilisation

Summarising Histories

Getting Things Wrong

Authors and Narrators

James Blish Appreciation site

Paul Shackley

Biographical Details

Born, Workington, Cumberland (now Cumbria), North West England, 1st January, 1949.

Lived in Cumberland (Whitehaven and Penrith), Kent (Sevenoaks), Ireland (Dublin) and Lancashire (Morecambe and Lancaster).

Attended primary schools in Penrith and Scotland and secondary school in the Republic of Ireland.

BA, first class, Philosophy, Trinity College, Dublin,1973.

PhD, Religious Studies, Lancaster University,1976.

Postgraduate Certificate of Education, Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Metropolitan University),1982.

Diploma in Careers Guidance, Kent College for the Careers Service,1989.

Personal Advisers’ Diploma, Nottingham Trent University, 2004.

Jobs: factory worker, unskilled labourer, temporary post man, Retail Assistant, furniture remover, admin worker, School Teacher, part-time Philosophy Tutor, Careers Adviser, others miscellaneous, employed by Lancashire Young People's Service from 1st April, 2007 to 30th April 2012. Now retired.

Married, one daughter, one granddaughter.

Member of: Socialist Workers Party; Lancaster Unity (an anti-fascist campaigning group); Lancaster Serene Reflection Meditation Group (Soto Zen); Bentham Grammar School Association; Lune Pagans Moot pagan network; science fiction and comics fan groups.

Philosophy: dialectical materialism.

Politics: unorthodox Trotskyism.

Inner practice: zazen.

This Site

…comprises articles and fragments of unfinished articles on subjects of interest to the author.



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